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YOU are the best thing that could happen to a child awaiting adoption

childBrend’n, photographed by Ariel Fried

If you could listen to the Heart Gallery kids’ hopes and dreams for the future, you would know they have so much potential. If given the opportunity to spread their wings, they will soar. For many reasons – including neglect, abuse and abandonment – these kids have found themselves in the foster care system, and they are now waiting for Forever Homes. Many are filled with fear, confusion, or a sense of powerlessness at having been removed from the only home they had ever known. But in the end, they are all children with a basic longing for a normal life. They need safe and supportive environments. They need love. They need families. They need you.

The Nebraska Heart Gallery is based on the idea that if you could just see the many children available for adoption, you may consider welcoming them into your home. To this end, several top professional photographers have volunteered their time to take compelling pictures of children hoping to be adopted.

The children’s dignity, spirit and inner beauty are evident in every photograph. Whether you are interested in adopting, fostering or volunteering, the Heart Gallery will take you on a moving photographic journey you’ll not soon forget. Thank you for opening yourself to their beauty.


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Peg Harriott, President & CEO Child Saving Institute